Tax and Tax returns

Complete service in the field of taxation , preparation and processing of tax returns (regular, partial, correction, additional) for domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals (including registration for the appropriate taxes ), according to applicable laws and regulations, including mandatory contributions withholding and other taxes within payroll and personnel administration employers.

We provide registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) for legal entities, including the preparation of all documents proving the economic activity of the entity, in accordance with § 92a of the Law on Value Added Tax.

    We provide delay fi­ling a tax return by 30. 6.
  In the case of complex accou­nting procedures
   provide ex­pert advice quality tax con­sultants
  For complex accou­nting cases we will present the views of several tax advisors
   to ensure the least intrusive and mos­t impact on the tax return
  Preparation of tax returns for value added tax (VAT)
  Preparation of tax returns to tax personal income
  Processing of tax returns from in­come tax
  Preparation of tax returns for road tax
  Preparation of tax returns for real estate transfer tax
  Processing of tax returns, gift
  Development of other forms of tax administration ac­cording to your needs
  Checking be­en processed tax returns


Related activities

  recording obligations for VAT payers
  processing of regular accounting reports
  data processing for banking institutions
  processing of other forms of tax administration
  Control has been processed tax returns

Other services

  Tax Advisory
  Double-entry accounting
  Single-entry accounting
  Payroll & Human Resouces
  Economic property management
  Data Boxes Management

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