Payroll accounting and Human Resources

We provide a complete service in the area of ​​payroll and personnel administration of employer agenda according to applicable laws and regulations and adapt our services to the specific needs of our clients . We react flexibly to the current amendments and changes in this area and help our clients with their quick application. Also we communicate with authorities and saving our clients time …

  Payroll accounting and personnel administration contains

  calculation and processing of monthly payroll incl. deductions, executions, allowances, leave
  bookkeeping of all parts in accounts
  payroll, payroll list and payroll detail cheques
  payment orders reimbursement
  underlying records of wages – wage sheets and other administration needed for tax and social authorities
  job  contracts, both – full time job as well as parttime or temporary job
  login /logout reports of employees to health and social insurance authorities
  communication with authorities
preparation of reports for institutions of social security and health insurance



Wages are remuneration in employment, paid in pay period (usually a month) retroactively.
It can consist of the following components: base salary, salary compensation and performance-related salary components. It is the financial performance and financial payments (wage in kind) provided by the employer to the employee.

Employment may arise from
  Working Agreement (HPP – full-time employment)
  agreements for work – DPP- a kind of part-time job
  contracts for work – DPC- another kind of part-time or temporary job

Other services

  TAX services
  TAX advisory
  Ekonomic consulting
  Accountant advisory
  Data Box Management


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