Accounting and Payroll

We provide our clients a complete service in accounting for domestic and foreign legal and natural persons according to applicable laws and regulations, including payroll and personnel administration employer. We also provide tax and accounting advisory, business consulting in all areas of economic operation of legal entities and individuals. We have extensive experience in various fields of business accounting and services from the fields of transport, hotel and catering services, retail stores, construction, operation stables and horse breeding, pharmacy , pharmaceutical industry, rental and property management to manufacturing companies.


Double-entry Accounting

  processing and bookkeeping
  processing of regular accounting reports
  data processing for banking institutions
  communication with authorities

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Payroll and Human resources

  payroll and personnel administration employer
  knowledge of the employment of foreigners in the CR
  knowledge of employment abroad (EU and non-EU)
  communication with authorities

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Single-entry Accounting

  processing and bookkeeping
  tax deductible expenses
  data processing for banking institutions
  communication with authorities

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Ekonomic Property Management

  providing legal services (contracts, reminders debtors)
  accounting control in previous accounting periods
  reconstruction Accounting

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Other services

  Taxes and tax returns
  Tax Advisory
  Ekonomic consulting
  Ekonomic property management
  Accouting Advisory
  Customs consultancy
  Data Box Management

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