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We are a modern and dynamic company with knowledge of the environment of the Czech market. Thanks to our long-term experience, we can help and advise our clients with the best solutions to their economic data, so they can focus entirely on running their company instead of being burdened by the administrative processes associated with the economic management of their company. We utilize the advantages of modern technology in practice, which results not only in more effective.

20 years‘ experience

We offer our clients a complete service, from processing and accounting, payroll and personnel administration to accounting, tax and economic advisory in all areas for czech and foreign legal entities and natural persons. Not only do we offer standardized products, we also offer a more personalized access to our products. This way, we can adjust our services to your specific needs…


We provide services to commercial businesses and non-profit sector

Our clients include commercial companies, their branches and non-profit organizations, which are active in a wide range of fields and not only in Czech, but also European and world market. This requires from us to have a consistent level of service that draws on professional qualities, an overview of developments in the various sectors, knowledge of local conditions and above all, years-long experience.

An integral part of our services are also tax and business advice with tax optimization. With an audit of economic data, we can suggest the optimal solution of the tax burden and streamline expenditure components. We represent our clients in communication with state authorities and provide economic property management.

We help novice entrepreneurs with the introduction of accounting (based agenda) in their enterprise, including consultation and assistance to the authorities. 


  Tax and Tax returns
  Tax Advisory
  Single-Entry Accounting
  Economic consulting

  IFRS reporting
  Management reporting
  Payroll and Human Resources
  Data Box management
  Economic property management

  Accounting Advisory
  Double-Entry Accounting
  Customs consulting

Member of the Sdružení účetních a daňových poradců (Accounting and Tax Advisors)

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