Accounting and accountant advisory

Complete accounting management, processing and advisory for Czech and foreign legal entities and natural persons. Evidence and processing of payables and receivables, actual overviews of current payables and receivables, assets evidence incl. depreciations, warehouse management, VAT return processing, preparation and processing of transfer taxes, preparation of documents for CIT, preparation of payment orders, travel expenses and business trips, internal guidelines development, inventory listings, financial statements…


Payroll accounting and Human Resources

Employer‘s payroll and Human Resources agenda administration. Calculation and processing of monthly payrolls, deductible taxes. Reimbursement requests, ELDP, employment contracts and work agreements. Health and social insurance registration / deregistration for employees. Reports for social security institutions, health insurance companies, financial bureaus and tax offices. Communication with the relevant authorities.


Tax advisory, economic consulting

We provide tax, accounting and economic advisory in all areas of economic operation of legal entities and individuals. Processing of tax returns (regular, partial, correction, additional) and ensuring delay filing tax returns. By optimizing the tax liability we can achieve tax savings and minimize tax risks. We provide advice in relation to changes in tax laws, social security norms, commercial, civil and labour code.

Audit   Tax services   Start your business…   Data box management
In collaboration with our external partners to provide independent auditing and consulting services designed to help our clients… We provide tax advice in all areas of taxation and economic operation of legal entities and individuals, including the preparation of tax returns and ensuring delay filing tax returns… Established business for legal entities and self-employed business for foreigners in the Czech Republic – tax, accounting, payroll and personnel issues, concessions and licenses… Establish, unlocking access to your Data box, re-activation. Processing / handling messages according to content (the complete procurement and handling of the issue) …

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